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Nationellt Bedömningsreglemente

Code of Points

Värderad av European Gymnastics (2023-03-20)

New TeamGym floor move
“Hop with full (360°) twist with one leg bent in horizontal position”, has resulted in a new code number J829 (ref. TeamGym CoP 2022).

The awarded value is based on the description and video submitted to the Technical Committee for TeamGym.

The difficulty requirements for the skill are as follows:
- Take-off from one leg and landing on the same leg
- One leg must be lifted and bent so that the hip and knee angle are minimum 90°
- The other leg must be straight
- The full twist must be finished in the air
- Placement of arms is optional for the team (same for all gymnasts)

The new floor move will be presented at the judges’ meeting at the TeamGym European Championships in Baku (AZE). If successfully performed in the competition, it will be added to the next version of the TeamGym Code of Points.